Analytic Tracking


As a publisher we give you NET 30 days payment. We give you the best paying ads.Our CPM's are higher compared to market because large proportion of our advertisers are paying on the CPM.Besides these all our ads are manually verified so we give you the best ads. If you are sending more than 1 million traffic to us we can work on a backfill solution.

We give the best CPMS on video as we have great demand on the same.Serves all formats pre roll,in banner etc. We give you great fills and CPMS for most of the goes. Partners Brightroll, Liverail, Adaptv.

Simple Advantages

  • Serve around 50 Million impressions monthly across International geos
  • Manage all demand through SSP Liverail/Adaptv/Appnexus
  • Connected with adnetworks Dashbid, Matomy, DSNR, etc
  • Access to inventory through DSP and exchanges.Brightroll, Adaptv, Liverail.
  • We currently buy inventory dollars of worth 50K in a month USD for Video.

Minimum requirements

  • Min 5000 pvs daily

Rich Media

Rich media refers to online advertising that makes use of a range of interactive digital media including streaming video and audio. Manage all non standard IABS through Reactx.Have direct and RTB Demand in various formats like


Global Mobile App Distribution.

  • 200+ Countries
  • 5000+ Apps
  • 20+ Categories


  • Emailers
  • We work on CPM(Cost per emailer)
  • CPO cost per open
  • Active database of 1 crore

Emailer Advantage

  • Emailer is leading medium for performance deliveries
  • No abuse of your creatives as we use frequency capping and other best practices