Analytic Tracking


Top verticals Web (News,Entertainment, Gaming) Mobile(News, Entertainment) and Video (TV&Video, Gaming). We currently buy inventory dollars of worth 200K in a month USD. Targeting on sitelist, demographics, day parting, location, category wise, audience data wise available. Ability to do retargeting on first party and audience data. Ability to do Dynamic ads and use of Facebook buying through FBX and news feed on RTB DEMAND available.

You get quality traffic from our list of handpicked long tail sites. You can bid on CPM/CPC, etc and target almost all ways like geo, category, etc. We work with tools to drive and meet your business goals. We provide you panel which gives you real time updates on all your numbers. We can run retargeting campaigns on you.

For Advertisers (More than 1 billion impressions .Increased Viewabilty and Targeting). We serve the largest brand advertisers and serve more than 100 advertisers across categories like Banking, Travel, Ecommerce, Realestate, Automobile etc. We serve only brand safe categories. Targeting,Retargeting both first party, third party to get you best ROI on spends. Also we are tied up with Forensiq and can guarantee you fraud free and 100%viewable impressions so you get best ROI on all your spends. Partners Appnexus, Mediamath, Doubleclick, Forensiq,(

It allows marketers to customise their own technology infrastructure and leverage their data and industry data in the planning, execution, optimisation and analysis of digital marketing programmes, resulting in smarter decisions that grow their business.

Minimum requirements

  • Min 5000 pvs daily
  • Your website should not have any sensitive attributes like :-
    1. Gambling
    2. Toolbar download
    3. Gaming
    4. Adult
  • Our ads should not be placed on pop ups or one pixel or fake or multiple ads more than 3 units in a page is not allowed.