Analytic Tracking


We manage all deliveries for Performance through Hasoffers platform For managing Affiliates deliveries and for tracking purposes

Hasoffers gives us the unparalleled ability to track and fine-tune your digital marketing campaigns. Bold product features and functionality provide you with visibility to gauge effectiveness and gain control over performance marketing.

It provides us an interface that allows us to actively manage a network's offers that we are promoting. It also gives us the ability to effectively interact with that network using our built-in tools. Essentially, the HasOffers platform provides a simple, intuitive way for you – the publisher/affiliate – to get your tracking links, download creatives, and view real-time campaign reports.

Simple Advantages

  • All types of integration possible
  • Postback for cookiless tracking.Tightly integrated with Tune as major tracking provider
  • Iframe secured/non secured integration possible
  • Ability to judge conversions/quality across affilates
  • Ability to manage fraud and control in terms of ip/clicks etc
  • Ability to manage risk in terms of control in terms of budget per day/etc
  • Ability to manage affilates relationships in a controlled fashion